Friday, June 17, 2011

The One Mic Wonders Vol. 1

This blog will document our third rehearsal at Shabby Road Studios. Already, the band had had one near death experience. Dong had been following his girlfriend’s car on his motorcycle in Hollywood. She decided to rush through a light and then decided not to. This caused Dong to considerably shorten his Harley and put him in hospital for a day or two.

A couple of the guys brought digital recorders so we could have something to listen to between rehearsals. Ain’t technology great? Dong was missing from this rehearsal but we soldiered on regardless, since we only had about a week before our first date in the studio.

I was starting to get excited at this point. It’s a long way from recording the demo in my office to hearing real musicians playing the song and working on arrangements.

Keep in mind that poor Carissa is forced to belt these songs out over the deafening roar of the rest of the band whacking away at their instruments.


Pop Song – The song has those fifties pop chords in it. We’re going to try and disguise that as much as possible in the final version. There is not a lot of lead because we only had one guitarist.


Carrie’ Got a Lover – This song really seemed to come together quickly. Can’t wait to hear the final mix!


Goodbye – This starts with an acoustic guitar, which we didn’t have because Dong plays that and he wasn’t there. Some nice little keyboard bits in this from Juan. There’s a very high note in this that sounds a little ragged hear but will sound like sad angels from heaven when we get the final version.


The Road to Hannah – This song was written by mistake. I had entered a song creation competition called Songfight. You are given a song title and you have to write a song and record it in a week. It’s a lot of fun. My other band, Don’t Tell Betsy, won a couple of times and a couple of pretty cool tunes came out of it. I check the site one week and saw the title was Road to Hana, and I wrote this song. The problem is, the Road to Hana is an actual road. (my Hawaiian geography is sadly lacking) It isn’t the girl that I wrote about. I did get a pretty cute song out of it though, and Carissa picked it as one of the songs for the album. This is the first time we played this song and it is very rough.


The Road to Hannah (new and improved) Kent, who besides being a guitar wiz, likes to fuck around with his home recording studio added some dynamics to the song. Obviously very rough, but you can see the possibilities for the tune.


More songs and photos in the next installment to Discount Romance!

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